Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Evolution, energetics and noise in the press!

Here are a few times our work on evolution, energetics and noise has appeared in the science and/or popular press, or has otherwise been in the public eye.

The evolution of C4 photosynthesis and design of efficient crops (blog article here)
The Scientist; Science Daily; BANG! Science; eLife; Imperial College; University of Cambridge; UK Plant Sciences Federation;; Innovations Report; e! Science News; Science Newsline 

Evolution of mtDNA gene content (blog article here)
Science (magazine); Science (news); Science's #1 favourite 2016 news article; The Scientist; Cell SystemsEurekAlert; Science 2.0;; Science Daily; MedIndia; University of Birmingham

MtDNA segregation and potential issues with gene therapies (blog article here)
UK HFEA (review here); Science Daily; Imperial College; Health canal; Medical Xpress

Potential issues with gene therapies in real human populations (blog article here)
UK HFEA review 2016

Worldwide vaccine confidence (blog article here)
World Economic Forum, La Vanguardia, Le Monde, International Business Times, Scientific American, Fox News, Vox, Yahoo News, New Scientist, Science, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail 

Caladis, a probabilistic calculator (blog article here)
Nature; Biophysical Journal

"Endless love" and the behaviour of a playground game (blog article here)
University of Birmingham

Mitochondrial "pulsing" in plants (blog article here)
Recommended by F1000
cpYFP responds to pH, not superoxide (blog article here)
Science Daily; Health Medicine Network; EurekAlert; Science 2.0; Health Canal; Medical Xpress; Bioportfolio

Polyomino self-assembly (blog article here)
Our polyominoes made an appearance at the "calcuLate" Science Museum Lates in Nov 2015; simulation website
Videos here; here

Polyominoes modelling proteins (blog article here) 
One of the most-cited articles in Interface for 2014
Virus self-assembly (blog article here)  

Journal front cover and 2010 highlight; video here

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