Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Mitochondrial / math bio conferences

Here's a very rough list of some mathematical biology and mitochondrial conferences that look interesting in 2016!

Generally: Some good listings for math bio conferences; some more

European Conf Mathematical Theoretical Biol 2016Nottingham Jul 11-15 Feb 14
Biomath 2016Bulgaria Jun 19-25 GONE
Int Conf Math BiolPrague Mar 30-31 Jan 31 GONE
Midwest Math bioWisconsin May 21-21Feb 19
Pacific Symposium biocomputingHawaii Jan 4-8 2017??
Algorithms for computational biologyTrujillo Spain Jun 21-23 Feb 2
International symposium bioinf research applicationsMinsk Belarus Jun 5-8 Feb 15
European confernece computational biologyHague Sep 3-7 Mar 29
Systems Biology of Mammalian CellsMunich Apr 6-8 Feb 15
Math mdoelling biology medicineCuba Jun 8-17 Feb 28
Comput Methods Sys BioCambridge Sep 21-23 ??
Applications of Mathamtics to Nonlinear SciencesNepal May 26-29 Feb 28
Information Probability Inference in Systesm BiologyAustria May 18-20 Mar 31
BAMM Biology and Medicine through MathsVirginia May 20-20 Mar 1
Foundations of systems biol in engineeringGermany Oct 9-12 Mar 20
Prac Appl Comp Biol BioinfSeville Jun 1-3 Feb 5

Generally: Some mito confs ;some more

Mitochondrial MedicineCambridge May 4-6 Mar 2
Mitochondrial MedicineSeattle Jun 15-18 ???
CSH Asia: MitochondriaChina Oct 12-16 Aug 21
GRC Mitos and ChlorosVermont Jun 19-24 May 22

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