Sunday, 8 January 2017

Some EEN science news from 2016!

Our paper on mitochondrial gene loss (paper; free preprint; blog article) was, excitingly, Science magazine's #1 favourite news story of 2016! The other stories in the top 10 are all fascinating too -- highly worth a read!

The Science news coverage of the paper is here
and the story appeared in the print journal too 

We were also involved in some news coverage in Nature of some exciting bits of science and policy from outside the group:
Mitochondrial behaviour may dictate whether or not organisms evolve germlines:
Mitochondrial gene therapy approval in the UK:
Potential issues with mitochondrial gene therapies:

Our work on mtDNA dynamics and human population diversity (paper; free preprint; blog article) was included in the latest policy document on UK implementation of mitochondrial gene therapies

And our other bits of work -- particular our work on vaccine confidence (free paper; blog article) -- appeared in various national and international news outlets too, including Scientific American, New Scientist, Le Monde, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Fox News and others; for some appearances see

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